We work with private companies looking to raise capital via an exempt offering that allows general solicitation—communicating your offering to the general public. Types of offerings we support include:

  • Regulation A+
  • Regulation D, 506(c)
  • Regulation CF

Due to demand, we currently only work with clients that are:

  1. in the medical industry, including biotech, medtech, pharma, and life sciences, and
  2. intend to do a Reg A+ offering, i.e., we only assist with CF and 506(c) offerings as a stepping stone for an A+ offering


We first work with you to fully understand your offering and then:

IDENTIFY the best potential investors for your offer

CREATE messaging to tell your story effectively

TARGET your messaging to your ideal investors

ATTRACT them to learn more at your website

CONVERT those that align with you to investors

COMMUNICATE with your new investors so they become advocates for your business


Investor acquisition is a mix of art and science.

Everything we do is driven by data. We target your ideal investors based on demographics, psychographics, affinity, online and mobile behavior.

We track their interaction with you from first contact, through interactions via social media and email, and their behavior on your website, to nurture those relationships and optimize our efforts over the course of your raise.

Into that technology framework, we insert great storytelling—your vision of how you will impact lives and change the world, in a way that attracts and persuades others who share your vision and want to support it.

From there, we use social psychology to build stronger relationships with your investors so they continue to champion your vision.


We believe in entrepreneurs. We work with clients who have products that can impact people’s lives and change the world.

We believe entrepreneurs should have access to capital. They can only have that big impact if they can get the money they need to complete their research and development, go to market, and scale. Historically, access to that capital has only been through a very narrow gateway: the traditional venture capital / private equity process.

We believe entrepreneurs should have access to investors who share their vision. We don’t dismiss the value of an experienced major investor. But if you want to scale—if you want to change the world—do you want a handful of investors, whose primary concern is their return? Or do you want thousands of investors who believe in what you’re doing? And yes, they want a return, but they believe that if you execute your business plan, you’ll change the world.

We believe innovators, founders, early investors, and early hires should reap fair rewards for their vision and efforts. We’ve seen it all too often—after several rounds of traditional funding, the people who came in along the way with big chunks of money end up with even bigger chunks of money, while the people who poured their blood, sweat, tears, and every dime they had into the business end up with…well, something, but nothing near what they deserve.

We believe CEOs should focus on executing their business plan. There’s a saying that you can either run your company or run your raise. With the typical traditional funding deal requiring an average of over 100 one-on-one meetings with potential investors, hundreds of hours of due diligence support, and thousands of individual emails, there’s a lot of truth in that. But this is the digital age. We have webinars, videos, social media, CRM software, marketing automation—CEOs need to leverage technology and delegate to other people to do the bulk of the work so they can continue to focus on execution, not funding.

We believe everyone should be able to invest in early-stage and growth-stage companies. Until recently, most people could only invest in companies listed on the public stock exchanges. Main Street investors couldn’t get in on IPOs. Now nearly any investor can get in on innovative companies before they go public. It’s your money—you should be able to invest it where and how you want—have an impact on the world with how you choose to invest.